Ambs: Bilateral relations between our countries have always been at a high level.

The trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan has almost doubled over the past three years, outgoing Kazakh ambassador to Azerbaijan Beibit Issabayev told reporters in Baku on July 31, Trend reports. “I have worked in fraternal Azerbaijan four years and four months,” he added. “Bilateral relations between our countries have always been at a high level. There has been a steady growth in trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian relations recently. I have done everything for our relations to develop at a higher level.” “Very important contracts and projects covering transport and logistics have been signed,” Issabayev said. “The railway administrations have signed a contract worth half a billion dollars for a period of three years.” “We are gradually restoring the export of the Kazakh wheat to Azerbaijan,” he added. “Once we exported about a million tons. But we lost this niche due to objective reasons in subsequent years.” “The export volume from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan increased threefold in January-June,” Issabayev said. “We will bring the volumes up to 600,000-700,000 tons till late 2019. Next year we will restore the export of one million tons of wheat, which was 5-6 years ago. A very important contract on the fiber optic cable line along the bottom of the Caspian Sea was also signed.” Issabayev was dismissed from the post of Kazakh ambassador to Azerbaijan and appointed as the head of the representative office of the Kazakh president in the country’s parliament upon the Kazakh president’s decree. He worked in Azerbaijan in 2015–2019. The diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan were established on August 27, 1992. An embassy of Kazakhstan opened in Baku in December 1994. The Azerbaijani embassy has been operating in Nur-Sultan since March 2004.

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