Outlook of today World policy

Today nothing can be assessed as NEW to be spoken socio politically. It seems that majör forces of countries use their brüte forces to undermine democratic advancement. As economically can be seen there are some huge development likely capitalist systems big revenue-based corporations announces their “profits exveeds expectations” and Asia*s communist country holds a opening ceremony of its intercontinental big investment projects. Our discussed subject countries relevant to Wests and Easts giants. If someone ask Which theye are? Then you should learn it from news… Lets talk about today World order. Maybe it is not our matter, However we should try express our views. First of all there are disproportined of World under and overground treasure from valuable matters to climate conditions. So some use it advantageously and feels lucky. But most of people feel desparately except World wealthy nations. People in Africa and most of Asians WHO  in poverty live in arbitrary regimes can be categorized like that. And of course wealthy nations have not yet helped genereously those whom are suffering from poverty. May be there should be setted up new liberal system will be billions managed thousands instead of capitalist system which a few thousands manage billions. But question is that whom are manage this?

Today poverty mainly used as statistics in UN reports. Migrants from poor countries flee to wealthy nations seen by reports. Today also religions are not seen main indicators of beneficiary. So the Middle Easterners and others hopes Wests to help them. But as a matter of fact today Turkey oficially has already helped migrants and other displaced people compared to rest of World.

Today that is enough.

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