Who are the protectors of FETO in Azerbaijan?

This is not so easy to say that objectively whom are the protectors of Turkey related Feto in Baku. but it seems that political Feto and Azeri govt officials has integrated very deeply to each other. Azeri regime dont touch them because of their support to them in many areas especially internationally. It is considered that Feto related circles become advisor of especially Kurdish origins officials of Azerb. Like some of SOCAR officials, some of high rank state officials and law enforcement officials are the shadow part of this community. It is widely csuggested that Azeri corrupt regime managed by two main groups its civil policy led by Nakchivan ethnics and Feto backed Baku circles. If Feto serves interest of political government then they are good citizen and can be appoint as high rank official in state position. It is known that Azeri elections harshly critisized for its illegitimacy and it should be noted today Central Election Commision of State also at the hand of thuggish aparatchik generalyy known as flagrant and opressive also contolled by feto.

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