Indians in US digital industry reminds Soviets

It seems that Indians take more seat in United States technologic industry esp. in digital se ctor. In our view its not coincidence. Is it real that Indians more subtle than Russians, Chinese, Persians or other Far or Middle Easterners. It is apparently shown that in Far Atlantic ASIA divided into two : Asians and Indians. And this Indians put deliberately in high rank positions for some reasons. Main question should be asked is that Whom are behind all this “positive discrimination”. And their media sector shows muslim countries as a hell in contradicts India as model like one time Soviets. Briefly In Soviet times all Azeri (may be other Soviet countries) from villages to cities cinema theather filled with Indian movies. It should be noted that in 70”s main choice of Soviet foreign cinema sector are indian production movies… Instead of Hollywood leadership of soviets liked Bollywood and forced its people to watch it arbitrarily. As a result we encounter same theme same ideology. From these point of view it seems today world digital Positions collected at the hand of Someones and those imposes sanctions on non Indians. As a conclusion In some Western countries Jews and Armenians remains main ideological power like In Soviet Era.  Jews and Armenians also in Wests gain approve of people and it seems that there is not big change since collapse of Soviets in world imperial status. From this angle digital power remains a hands of Indians like in soviets cinema sector.

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